Meet the Judges

Meet the Judges who will be bringing their industry knowledge and category specific skillsets to assess this year Awards Finalists. Of course we also take care to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and all Judges also sign a confidentiality agreement.

Many past entrants have found it beneficial to take part in judging to help with entry structure and content in future years. Of course you cannot judge in the same category as you or your company are entering but there are plenty of categories to get involved in to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

This page is constantly being updated as more Judges are approved to be part of the panels. Make sure you revisit it to discover more about our Judges.

If you are interested in becoming a Judge at the Awards why not visit our “Apply to Judge” page to find out more and to see whether you would benefit from joining the Judges below.

Ian Golding

Customer Experience Specialist

Stefan Osthaus

CX Thought Leader

Daniel Ord, CCXP

Founder & Judge

Craig Lee

Customer Experience Director

Nienke Bloem


Olivier Mourrieras


Marcus von Kloeden

Managing Director

Stefan Kolle


Gayana Helder

Managing Director

Marleen van Wijk

Managing Director

Sirte Pihlaja


Jan Richards

Head of Insights and Planning

Olga Guseva

Managing Partner

Chantel Botha

Experience Director

Jaap Wilms

International CX Consultant

Anita Siassios, CCXP

Managing Director

Edwin Best

CRM & Customer Experience expert / owner

Marlan Hardie

People Engagement Officer

Aslan Patov


Gökhan Kara

CX Manager

Diane Magers


Ann-Marie O'Donnell

Customer Strategy Director